We get to the heart of things, and then we go deep.

-Hosted by Cherie Burton-



My friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan (author, speaker, “Mojo Recovery Specialist”) and I are hearing many of the same things from women: There seems to be a concern around being seen. So many women WANT to be seen, but are afraid or unwilling to stand in their full light. They feel like their bodies are “in the way.” The catch 22 is that’s exactly what’s needed to create a life you desire. It’s what’s needed when you are looking to enhance your relationships. It’s what’s needed when you are taking the next career move. It’s what’s needed when you want to have daily vitality and enthusiasm.

It’s about being fully embodied and comfortable in your own skin.

This is where the “higher version” of sensuality exists. It’s real, it’s special, it’s spiritual – and it’s a core piece of your true essence. It is completely separate from sexuality!


In this episode:

  • What’s your personal “mojo”?
  • What’s it really like to be fully embodied in your feminine sensual sovereignty? (as opposed to putting yourself aside to attract or please a partner)
  • What does research in quantum physics show us about the “energy behind the energy”? (also known as The God Particle, which aligns with our inner presence and essence)
  • What are some ways we can instantly connect to our creative life force?


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