Get grounded in your true essence.

Express yourself without fear.

Radiate your soul's beauty, wisdom and power.

This is a Transformational Course for Rising Feminine Healers, Leaders, & Wayshowers

Are you in the midst of a metamorphosis, undergoing an "unraveling" or Dark Night of the Soul experience?  For purpose-driven and spiritual women like you, this is a necessary rite of passage.  Transitional stages of our lives can be profoundly disorienting and overwhelming...  and that's when powerful direction during your sacred feminine awakening becomes vital.

Beautiful soul, you may need a soft place to land as you go into the depths to prepare for your true mission. Without support and guidance during your soul initiation and spiritual awakening, your purpose will struggle to get off the ground. 

You must find your footing in order to help others find theirs. 


will activate the transformation into who you really are as a conscious manifestor and abundant creator.

Begin Your Transformation

An Empowerment Program focused on 12 Key Aspects of Feminine Awakening:

You need support during major life transitions and/or your “DARK NIGHT of the SOUL.
You feel stuck mentally & emotionally; need tools to release blocks and heal your TRAUMA.
You want to tap into wisdom & intuition - to trust your INNER AUTHORITY and find
your voice!
You crave simple ways to shift unconscious blocks of scarcity & the FEAR of being seen and heard.
You want to know your SOUL CALLING & purpose but don’t know where to start.
You’re not sure why you can't MANIFEST; need some serious help seeing results!
You need insight into juggling MOTHERING & biz; need scheduling + stress management tips.
You want to feel beautiful, confident and “in flow” - magnifying your FEMININE ENERGY.
You want to understand exactly how to LOVE YOURSELF (your self-worth is struggling!!)
You want to generate WEALTH as a powerful feminine creator; make $ by doing what you love.
You are busy and tired; need simple tips to fuel your body for BEAUTY & RADIANCE.
You feel alone and spiritually stuck; need help feeling authentic SPIRITUAL CONNECTION.

Let me be your guide. 

I'm Cherie, a mother of six and conscious feminine creator who has navigated a profound Dark Night of the Soul & Sacred Feminine Initiation. I teach the spiritual psychology of integrated soul leadership and authentic influence.

I have traveled all over this earth and have deeply listened to women of many cultures and backgrounds speak about their desires to be a force for good in this world; to love their families, help humanity, and boldly step into their life mission. I help women get straight to the heart of their life purpose, soul calling, biz or entrepreneurial path while also meeting their own needs and their family's in a beautifully balanced way.

This is an epic era of rising feminine power and creation! Are you with me?

Our 12 Week Program

Join Me Today.

Access beautiful, powerful tools encompassing every facet of healing & creation.

12 Keys to Feminine Wholeness

Sacred Feminine Initiation

How to Hear Your Soul's Voice

Spiritual Awakening & Soul Sovereignty

Claiming Your Inner Authority

Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

The 7 Steps of Creation

I'm Ready!

After this program, you will feel confidently empowered to:

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Get Aligned

Know How to Meditate & Go Within

Start Creating Your Dreams

Live with Authenticity & Confidence

Process your Emotional Blocks & Trauma

Eat for Energy & the Glow of Health

Manifest Wealth

Heal Your Relationships with Your Partner & Children

Speak Your Truth

Magnify Your Spirituality & Feminine Energy

Define Your Soul Calling & Do What You Love

“Cherie does a beautiful job of providing easy-to-implement steps through a deeply somatic awareness of surrender and self sovereignty. I was finally able to hear, feel and KNOW my own inner voice and inner authority.”

- Valerie Nordquist, Utah USA

“Amid some epic life evolutions SSS was divinely shared with me. This course spoke to me in a language I never knew how to speak but yet perfectly understood. It added customized context and a road map of synchronization with my soul and body. I fell in love with the quiet deep adventure that grounded me while expanding my connection to my divine soul and source. "”

- Sarahanne Prior, Arizona USA

“Stand Speak Shine enabled me to deeply connect with my soul path I can honestly say 'I have found my way.' If your desire is to align with your higher purpose, then look no further - you will find your way through SSS.”

- Chantal Coetzee, California USA

I'm In!

A 12-Week Transformational Program encompassing an online learning portal with worksheets, video, audio and meditations.
You will be invited to take part in monthly LIVE Q & A sessions with Cherie inside our gorgeous, high-vibe online community.


This 3 Month Course is perfect for women stepping into self-actualization, not yet ready to invest in Cherie's Women's Wisdom Circle group coaching program or her one-to-one mentoring.

This is a completely self-led 3-month transformation program at a very affordable price point.
At any point, you can apply to join the 6-month group Women's Wisdom Circle or year-long one-to-one mentoring.

Stand Speak Shine Course


  • 12 Weeks, Self-Led


Soul Reading Session


I will guide you through a process to receive bottom-line clarity on your health, purpose & relationships.


Come to me with your intention -what you are seeking clarity on or feel blocked with - and together we will unearth the solutions


Upgrade to Group Coaching

Women’s Wisdom Circle

$777 or 2 payments of $400

  •  6-month Group Program


Exclusive private mentorship

  • Year-long Mentoring with Cherie



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