Discover a powerful, sensory-rich and totally natural way to support your physical, emotional & mental health. 




Hi, I'm Cherie and I've specialized in the science & spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration with essential oils for almost two decades. I designed this 3-day immersive to help people get to the heart of what, why and how essential oils work!

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Oils are the purest, most ancient & potent sensory anchoring tool on Earth.


Essential oils are my most trusted and effective go-to for physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional support. I've been using them on myself and family - and teaching about their FASCINATING natural super-chemistry - since 2010. 

Allow me to be your guide in becoming empowered to take you and your family's wellbeing to the next level.  I'll show you the basics of how to use your free oils samples AND will sprinkle in the latest science & research.

You'll get simple oil tips on:

  • Sleep & Stress Management
  • Calming & Mood Lifting
  • Pain Management
  • Immunity & Seasonal Support
  • Detoxing & Cleansing

Register for my free 3 Day Essential Oils Experience and receive free oils samples + an A-Z reference booklet!

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What You'll Get

Free Essential Oil Samples

I'll send samples + a booklet straight to you for a hands-on sensory experience.

Fascinating Oils Tips & Tidbits!

I'll send short texts & emails (over our 3 days) with cool info on how to use oils.

Bonus Healing Tools

I'll give extra freebie offers after your participation in the 3-Day Experience.

Loving Support

I'll give one-on-one guidance & immediate support over this 3 Day-Experience.  You may also want to join my holistic, high-vibe private Facebook group!

My Journey with Essential Oils


I began my holistic journey in 2010 when one of my children had a severe health crisis.  Nothing traditional was touching it. 

I started researching like crazy and talked to people in the alternative health world. One of them led me to doTERRA essential oils. She put together an essential oils and supplement protocol for my child. We then implemented it with consistency (because honestly, we were desperate).

The First Breakthrough


After a couple of months, this child of mine had an incredible breakthrough, which left our doctor dumbfounded.  The doc asked me what I used and I told him about this new essential oils company called doTERRA, then showed him which oils I was using.  The doctor said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” 

This was the first of many health breakthroughs (especially on the emotional level)  that myself, my family, my friends and multiple thousands of others I have worked with have experienced with essential oils.


Helping Others Find Healing


My child turned to me in the car after that doctor appointment in 2010 and said with total sincerity, “Mom, you should tell other moms about what we did.”  This mother and child experience is ultimately why I began deeply researching & teaching about the power of essential oils... with a passionate specialization in their emotional benefits.

This mission took on a life of its own, extending beyond just using oils in my home to traveling and leading a large global team and in 2016 becoming a doTERRA Presidential Diamond. I find immense joy and fulfillment in educating families & empowering women to receive the gorgeous benefits of Mother Nature's most potent multisensory tool (oils!).

Watch this short class for a glimpse into how oils can beautifully support you on your healing journey: 


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