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What do you seek? Do you know who you are?

It can be frustrating to feel lost, lonely, or disassociated with the world around you.  Wanting to find direction and guidance in life is a normal desire for you as a human being, and without it, can create a deep longing or feeling that something is missing. 

Are you are searching for a spiritual connection?  Are you feeling less than, or lacking confidence?  OR Are you looking to improve your overall journey through life?   Use this desire as a driving force, allowing you to seek after truth, self discovery and deeper meaning, and find that you have the ability and power to reveal your inner and outer needs to change your life’s direction.  You have a purpose, and a soul priority to seek out and embrace YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

What is the Stand Speak Shine School?

This is a 3-month self-actualization program focused on the remembrance & reclamation of: 

  • Your Feminine Worth
  • Your Inner and Outer Beauty
  • You Creative Power

Learn to become ensouled and embodied to receive: ABUNDANCE, RADIANCE & CONNECTION, the “A.R.C” of Creation (and that which our souls crave and seek).

The "A.R.C. of Creation"


You deserve to enjoy your life and achieve the things you desire and dream of.  Learn how to create a PROFITABLE Living from your Soul Path & Passions. 


 You have beauty inside and out.  When you find and feel your inner beauty and self worth, it radiates!  Learn how to embrace your Beauty, Vibrant HEALTH, Shine Factor & Feminine Magnetism, to be your best self.  


Human connection is essential to your emotional and physical health.  Learn about intimacy & the importance of developing authentic RELATIONSHIPS that add value to your overall journey through life.

Fulfill That Which Our Souls Crave and Seek

Here's what's included:

  • Utilize the Creation Compass Rose© as a powerfully simple visual tool to create or heal anything.
  • Embody the 12 Feminine Practices (One each week, via email) so that you may access your inner sanctum and the seedbed of all your healing and creation: THE QUEENDOM WITHIN.
  • Discover looked-past and rarely-discussed “Secrets” of Queenly Power & Influence
  • Step into the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm
  • Learn to practice the 7 Principles of Spiritual Eating (receive ongoing support for healing emotional eating and conscious self-nourishment)
  • Find out your Sacred Style Archetype© (dressing & beautifying for your energy type)
  • Get a “CREATION BOX” shipped to you: Kyngdom Day Planner, Soul Declaration Cards, Emotional Aromatherapy “Shine” Blend, At-a-glance Creation Compass Rose© Card with the A.R.C. of Creation, and a Gemstone for Beauty, Creation & Manifestation
  • 2 Monthly live Zoom calls (Group coaching/Q & A); To receive Clarification, Support and Motivation for the 12 Feminine Practices) – these will be recorded
  • Interactive FB Support Group w/ Weekly FB Live Deep Teaching from Cherie (and/or a guest expert)
  • 60 minute Personal Mentoring Session with Cherie


3 payments of $222/mo

or 1 payment of $600 (save $66)

Contract required • No refunds

• PLEASE NOTE: Pricing for this school will TRIPLE (to $1,800) in Spring of 2020!

As a “healing” bonus, receive the Emotional Wholeness Masterclass Online Course FREE ($197 value)


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Session Starts August 2020

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