This both disturbs & delights you, right?

You're excited to bring back the joy you once felt together - but you may also feel troubled (maybe even a little ashamed) that it's come to this.

Your marriage wasn't supposed to be "one of those" needing help or in crisis...that wasn't the plan. Am I right?

Let's get to the heart of things + heal your relationship the RIGHT way so you can truly move forward together with understanding, respect, joy and passion.

Honest connection & enduring passion IS possible. YOUR MARRIAGE IS SO WORTH SAVING! Are you ready to do the work to save it?

I walked through the painful journey of a marriage in deep crisis ... so I feel you.

I truly wanted things to work -- to get the trust, joy, and passion back. But I had absolutely no idea where to start. 

It was a frustrating struggle... until I ultimately learned the most crucial aspect of healing any relationship:   You must integrate & heal YOURSELF first, before you can "fix" your marriage.

I almost divorced my person...

my soul partner in this life.

In fact, we had lawyers and were separated for almost a year.

I was with my best friend and my rock.. yet for decades, took his love and affection for granted. After 5 children and almost 25 years of putting everything and everyone before my marriage, we completely grew apart. I was constantly trying to fix HIM and couldn't see that the power was in ME to turn things around.

After learning some important truths, we ultimately did not sign the divorce papers and saved our family of 7!

My husband Jeff and I are now true partners in every sense of the word and have never been more fulfilled, joyful, passionate and content with our relationship. We fell back in love with each other and the passion returned with full force - and as a sweet bonus, we are absolute best friends and soul mates and our family is stronger than ever.

My journey with Jeff is the basis of the content for my Mend Your Marriage course.

Jeff and I discovered 4 vital stages and went through each one, together and separately ...ultimately saving our then 25 year-old marriage.

In this crazy day and time, everyone has felt the strain outside stressors have placed on our relationships. Today,  the "honeymoon glasses" have come off and Jeff and I have crushed them to the ground!  I am here to help you go deeper ... to move beyond the "happy ever after" illusion into the enduring contentment of TRUE LOVE with your life partner & best friend.


Let's get absolutely honest here.

Are you worried that even if you sign up for this, your spouse won't be on board?
  • Losing hope for having a happy, fulfilling, passionate marriage?
  • Tried other solutions that haven't worked?
  • Worried that your partner won't change or that you can't change?
  • Feeling like your marriage might be "unsalvageable"?
Authentic, enduring love IS possible. YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH SAVING!
Are you ready to do the actual work needed?


Your Marriage 


By journeying through these 4 vital stages, we will get your marriage back on track:


01  Become aware of the raw, real -deepest- problems in your marriage.

02  Generate the courage to change; be committed to the process.

03  Create agreements with yourself and your partner to foster trust and accountability.

04  Learn to truly LOVE (sustainably).

This is my proven process - this WORKS.

Not only does it work for couples who are equally inspired to do the work - it also works if only YOU are on board, solo. I promise you, once you get started, your spouse will be encouraged through witnessing YOUR work... and the changes in you will create inspired feelings for them to become involved in the process. 

Imagine falling back in love with your best friend.

It only takes ONE to start turning a marriage around - will you take up courage and be the ONE?

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Less than the cost of a marriage therapy session!  Take the bold and loving steps that will get your marriage back on solid ground.

Put healing in motion today - you're in safe hands.

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