Self-Guided Online Course  • 22 minutes a day • 22 days 

This course only—$22



I've literally been OBSESSED with cracking the code on stress and depression for nearly 3 decades.  The truth is, healing happens from the inside-out, not outside-in.  It is not external agents, professionals and protocols that make you better.  YOU make you better.  Everything you are searching for is already here.  This course shows you how to access it! It is about baby steps with consistency.  You are a multi-sensory being and therefore require a multi-sensory approach to healing and transformation.

•   Learn a 5 Minute Daily Neurosensory Method that releases toxic
      thoughts and activates your body's self-healing mechanisms
•   Build an Emotional Emergency Kit, step-by-simple-step
•   Do a Depression Detox to reboot your biochemistry


Self-Guided Online Course 
This course only—$197



Building upon the Emotional Emergency Kit and 5 Minute Daily Neurosensory Method from the 22 Day Depression Cleanse, this course goes deeper into self-exploration and personal healing methodology. Over the years, I have developed an Emotional Wellness Pyramid - put into this course as an at-a-glance visual tool for sensory restoration (soul + body). Before you even "want" to get well, certain sensory anchoring practices must be employed to quicken and awaken the mind/body consciousness... In essence, to motivate and move you. It is about being able to consistently "Stop, Breathe and Receive" and to provide your body with amazing nourishment "as needed." If you are fascinated with HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, this course is for you! 

•   Super-fast, powerful Emotional Healing Processes that 
      break your generational patterning and shift your DNA 
•   Guided video lessons of the 7 Steps of Emotional 

•   Make a Creation Station and get a Weekly Creation 
 to keep you motivated to self-nourish
•   Discover Sensory Soul Work for beautiful whole-body 
•   "Eating For Beauty & Energy" Guide and Meal Plans
•   In-depth, latest research on The Science of Emotions 
      and Essential Oils

•   Meditations, Breathwork, Weekly Creation Planner ... 
      and many more, beautiful high vibration methods to 
      keep you aligned!


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