Get grounded in your true essence.

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Radiate your soul's beauty, wisdom and power.

This safe space has been created to welcome Rising Feminine Healers, Leaders & Wayshowers

Are you in the midst of a metamorphosis, undergoing an "unraveling" or Dark Night of the Soul experience?  For purpose-driven and spiritual women like you, this is a necessary rite of passage. Transitional stages of our lives can be profoundly disorienting and overwhelming...  and that's when powerful direction during your sacred feminine awakening becomes vital.

Beautiful soul, you may need a soft place to land as you go into the depths to prepare for your true mission. Without support and guidance during your soul initiation and spiritual awakening, your purpose will struggle to get off the ground. 

You must find your footing in order to help others find theirs. 


will activate the transformation into who you really are as a conscious manifestor & abundant creator.

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Let me be your guide. 

I'm Cherie, a mother of six and conscious feminine creator who has navigated a profound Dark Night of the Soul and Sacred Feminine Initiation. I teach the spiritual psychology of integrated soul leadership and authentic influence.

I have traveled all over this earth and have deeply listened to women of many cultures and backgrounds speak about their desires to be a force for good in this world; to love their families, help humanity and boldly step into their life mission. I help women get straight to the heart of their life purpose, soul calling, biz or entrepreneurial path while also meeting their own needs and their family's in a beautifully balanced way.

I will help you come to know yourself on levels you've never considered or explored. We'll lay a foundation for you that you can draw upon for the rest of your beautiful life.

I will help you get rid of the fear of "exposure" so you can show up in your vulnerability; to be honestly seen and heard. I will help you develop a solid, foundational self-worth and you will finally STOP the "comparisonitis" - comparing yourself to others. There is no one like you. You are one in infinity.

Whether you are just starting out on your personal journey or are in the midst of a painful life transition, you have the right to claim and reveal YOUR TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF.

I will show you how to tap into your feminine energy and inner access clarity about your path/purpose, receive your personal power/goddess confidence, be your own "boss"/feminine sovereign, and begin to manifest your sacred dreams/heart's desires/ and money/abundance.

This is an epic era of rising feminine power & creation! Are you with me?

You don’t need to sacrifice your home life or relationships to rise up as a feminine leader. In fact, as you rise to the measure of your sacred authenticity, your family relationships will rise, too. I help women create with the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm - the new way to walk with conscious presence, abundance, and fulfillment - without burning out.


Learn how to harmonize your passion & purpose with all of your other roles & responsibilities so you can SHINE bright and light up this suffering world!

This beautifully curated pathway provides the
confident empowerment you need to:

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Get Aligned

Know How to Meditate & Go Within

Start Creating Your Dreams

Live with Authenticity & Confidence

Process Blocks & Trauma

Eat for Energy & the Glow of Health

Manifest Wealth

Heal Your Relationships with Your Partner & Children

Speak Your Truth

Magnify Your Spirituality & Feminine Energy

Define Your Soul Calling & Do What You Love


Your journey begins with Cherie's weekly SOUL ROSE SHOW podcast.

We've produced 200+ episodes featuring inspiring, to-the-point and impactful guest interviews.

It's the perfect place to begin your journey of awakening.

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 A completely self-led, 3-month, deep and powerful transformation program packed with practical, unique content at a super affordable price point.

The 12 Feminine Embodiment Principles Cherie trains on in this course is perfect if you are ready to step into self-actualization, but not quite ready to invest in Cherie's Women's Wisdom Circle group coaching or her One-to-One Mentoring (you can upgrade at any time). 

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A 6 Month Sacred Feminine Circle for Your Self-Actualization, Sovereignty & Soul Calling

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Designed with your soul in mind, this kit has sensory-rich items you can hold in your hands; items that bring sanctuary to your busy, everyday life. Its gorgeous, unique, all-natural components will ground and lift you to states of clarity, peace & inner alignment.

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Intro to Essential Oils & Emotions


Mother Earth's Purest & Most Potent Sensory Anchoring Tool.


I've been traveling the earth educating about the healing power of essential oils since 2010. Oils are woven into all that I teach, as their biochemical and multisensory properties support us safely through emotional release & deep alchemical transformation. 

If you'd like to try them for yourself and learn more about their vast usage, please visit my oils-focused page. I take groups through a free 3 Day Oils Experience. I also work with many on an individual basis and also lead a large global doTERRA team (wherein I specialize in emotional science - Essential Emotions - & holistic physical and psychological wellbeing).  

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