1 year program

Here’s what you get:

Work with Cherie and receive focused, personalized guidance in the building and expansion of your soul path, abundance, beauty and relationships. Be held in a space of gentle but bold accountability to rise to your authentic self and practice the “secrets” of Queenly power & influence. Get into flow of the new Feminine Leadership Paradigm and craft a profitable business strategy map, based upon your gifts, soul path and values to heal our hurting world. Actually claim beauty, emotional health & spiritual wholeness. Dive deep into your Sacred Style Archetype© and embody your most beautiful self with wardrobe, makeup, hair and colors that magnetize people and opportunities to you for your soul’s highest unspoken expression.


1 year program • 1 payment of $7,777 or 2 payments of $4,000

STAND SPEAK SHINE SCHOOL Students receive a discount of $200


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