It's Time to Heal

Your Marriage.

Does it feel like you keep having the same argument, over and over? Are you both BEYOND frustrated?  Feeling unheard, unseen, unappreciated and even...unloved?

We feel you.  We have been there.

BOTH OF US HAD SOLID PLANS TO DIVORCE OUR HUSBANDS.  After over 20 years of marriage, we (Cherie and Dimple) said GOODBYE to the loves of our lives... our husbands; the fathers of our children.

Cherie, in America --- Dimple, in England... having the exact same painful experience, oceans apart.


Today, after receiving the mind-blowing, marriage-saving tools we should have had DECADES AGO...we are in passionate, loving, rock-solid marriages!

Cherie & Jeff Burton - established 1995

Dimple & Atul Thakrar  - also established 1995!

Our marriage and families were literally SAVED. Now, we are on a mission to do the same for others.

This is a 40-Day course designed for you to do together, as a couple (yet it can also be done alone).

Here's What You Get:

• Weekly marriage-saving instruction (videos + pdf workbook) 

• Daily "Love Doses" - simple daily challenges for 40 days (via email)

* A Map to rewrite your Love Story + A Method to COMMUNICATE

• Bonus "Back to Love" couples' audio meditation 

• Lifetime access to all content!


Fix Your Marriage in 40 Days

Your marriage is your life-blood; meant to sustain, protect, nourish and empower you BOTH.
If this isn't your current reality...It's time to create a new one.
You are not alone; most marriages today are suffering. We're here to help.

Week 1 - WAKE UP CALL: Ever had that feeling that you are missing something important but can't quite put your finger on what it is?  This week is about waking you up to what you can't see right now; about exploring why you behave the way you do in your marriage.  We'll help you create your "Love Road Map" - a powerful exploration of your stories, family origins, and role models.  This includes an honest reality check with the question, "What kind of role model is your marriage for your children - past, present, and future?"

Week 2 - TIME TO CHANGE: This week is all about the invitation to change and the consequences of staying the same.  Learn ways to actually see, hear, and feel what you want in your marriage.  Learn how to resolve conflict peacefully, by creating new agreements.  We will take a deep dive into the truth - even some truths you can't see yet - to reveal your new, empowering Love Story.  You will get to redesign your desired Love Story.  This is where it gets really exciting!  You start to get clear on what you really want and pave the path to your dream marriage. 

Week 3 - AGREEMENT FORMATION: Pain comes from not being able to get our needs met, usually because we don’t know how to advocate for our needs in a healthy way. Learn how to get what you need, and give your partner what they a respectful and powerful way: through Creating Agreements.

Week 4 - LEARN TO LOVE: Before you can reach your dream marriage and truly love someone else, you have to learn how to love YOU.  This is the week where we cover self-love.  Each of you will discover what really fills you up as individuals, not just as a couple.  This is so important!  How can you truly expect love to come in if you  don't really know how to RECEIVE it?

Week 5 - CREATE A TRUE PARTNERSHIP:  This week is about Reintegration, Re-entry, and Reunion.  We'll give you simple tools and strategies to help you relate to your beloved in a truly meaningful way.  You will find out about true partnership based on love, not fear; based on trust and safety, not blame and second-guessing.  Learn how to authentically BE with each other and co-exist peacefully and passionately. 

Week 6 - KEEP HOPE ALIVE: It’s almost a given that at some stage during this course, you and your partner have - in some way, shape or form - gotten emotionally “triggered.” We were expecting this to happen; for one or both of you to possibly go to a dark or dysfunctional place. Please do not judge yourself or feel “less than” if this is the case. We have intentionally and LOVINGLY brought up sensitive issues and called YOU personally out in order to heal your old ways of doing, being and thinking. This is the ONLY way to get to the heart of things and have a lasting, authentic, beautiful marriage!

THERE IS HOPE FOR YOUR MARRIAGE. Discover how to be best friends and passionate partners once again! Learn what you wish you'd been taught from the very beginning: Ways to have a fulfilling, fun and devoted marriage.  It's time for TRUE change...for TRUE healing. It's time to give and receive the love that you desire and dream about. 

You both deserve it!  

Fix Your Marriage in 40 Days

6 Weeks for only $99

Less Than the Cost of One Marriage Therapy session!


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